The higher up an article directory is listed on Yahoo and Google

18. dubna 2018 v 4:21
So, the question becomes, how do you determine which article directories are the best?Though there are several websites where you could find hundreds of article directories ranked according to popularity, it is best that you make your own evaluation based on your niche as well as your personal preference. The numbers range from 0- 10, with 10 being the most important..3) Look at PageRankPageRank is the numeric value that Google assigns to every web page and is an indication of the importance of a website. Submitting your articles to directories with higher PageRanks can increase your exposure manifold. Here are a few factors for you to consider when ranking article directory sites.

In this case, the older the better. Because of article marketing's popularity, there are literally thousands of article directories all over the internet, with new box gluing machine ones being launched every day.If you can't find a site in the Wayback Machine, try doing a whois search. This will give you the date the domain was first registered.The higher up an article directory is listed on Yahoo and Google, the more effective it is.1) How old is the site?With the launch of the Wayback Machine, it is now possible for anyone to check web pages that have been archived since 1996.Article marketing is becoming more popular as webmasters realize the value in their content. Enter the names of the article directories you are considering and find out how old they are.

The articles that are in the top few spots would have been submitted to well-established directories or what Google considers to be the best content display. Google looks at site age for trustworthiness.2) Find Google and Yahoo backlinksIf you have already submitted articles to various article directories, enter the title of a few of your older articles and do a Yahoo as well as a Google search. Today, finding the right article directory can seem to be a daunting task.See where your article is ranked in the search.

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